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The Concrete Protector offers a huge line of epoxy, concrete coatings, polishing, concrete seal & repair, concrete preparation equipment, waterproofing & more. We also focus on supporting YOU the contractor, with our FREE hands-on decorative concrete training, business development guides & our unique team of support specialists.

Marble Epoxy Concrete Floor

Marble Stain

Metallic epoxy floors are quite possibly the hottest flooring system on the market, our Metallic Marble Stain combines the industrial strength of epoxy with specially formulated metallic pigments. 

Concrete Wood


Our Rustic Concrete Wood System starts with an industrial cementitious coating that is stronger than concrete itself. We use a combination of techniques to give the feel of hardwood.

Epoxy Flake

Color Flake

Epoxy Flake flooring is a strong industrial coating designed to be an alternative to Terrazzo. This product has an industrial epoxy base and can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Stained Concrete

Slate Stained

More durable than stamped concrete, Tuscan Slate is designed to impress. Our unique concrete marbling process allows for various color tones providing clients with a unique, decorative floor.

Stamped Concrete


Create a random stone look on pool decks, patios, porches, driveways and more. Grand Flagstone is customizable and does not have repeating patterns that you see in stamped concrete.

Free Monthly Training

Get FREE HANDS-ON TRAINING from industry experts with decades of experience in decorative concrete coatings and polishing.

Receive personalized business planning and marketing advice to get get your business rolling.

Absolutely amazing training! Did a great job involving everyone and make us feel right at home! Very knowledgeable and will recommend this training to anyone first starting out In the field!
The instructing was great and the atmosphere was primo. Christy and Dustin can teach me anytime anywhere.
Very helpful classes, didn’t know nothing before I came now I am a expert leaving the building.
It was a great experience! The staff was very friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company and am looking forward to doing business with them
Great time . fun and i learned so much . I cant wait to get started and have a great team of people behind me .
Amazing, honest, good people genuinely interested in the success of their customers and clients
They instructors was excellent, best training I ever attended. The both was very knowledgeable. Special thanks to Krissy for going above the call of duty to assist me in better understand how to use the product
Enjoyed the training. Very informative and hands on. Always took time for questions and answers.
Chrissy and Dustin are super informative. I learned so much and I really enjoyed the hands on training. We are looking forward to adding a concrete coating division to our retail store in both Nevada and Arizona. This will be a great partnership. Concrete protector is the perfect fit for us! Can’t wait to attend the next class!
Great training course for introducing you to the company and what they do. I have experience in some of the products they provide and still learned new things I did not know before coming to the class. Great job Dustin and Chrissy.
I’m glad I was here to take your class, your information is insightful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to using your product in the near future and can’t wait for the next class. The president and staff are very nice people. Coming to Vegas wasn’t a waste of time, I’m happy to be here at the class instead of walking the strip. The class was so much fun......Thank you Thank you Thank you
One of the most enjoyable, informative and entertaining trainings I've ever attended
My first interaction with them was through a rep, who was very friendly and available for any questions that I had! Once at the class it is very informative! The hands on approach is the best part with instructors that teach with care! With their approach you will leave with i can do this attitude. They answer any questions that you have. The classes are not to big and all hands on!! So excited to put what we learn to use! We will most definitely be taking another class….
I am so grateful for the concrete protector team. Be prepared for lots of hands on training in their state of the art facility here in Las Vegas Nv. Trust me, They are definitely on point in every aspect of the decorative concrete and polishing industry. And also marketing. Just to name a few. They are truly their to help you reach your goals in this industry.“greatly appreciated”Thank You!!
I’ve been in the flooring business for 36 yearsI’ve been to classes for many products over those years. Today I showed up at the concrete protectors class. I can only say Im very hard to impress these people ran a 5 star class. I got to to do hands on sample boards at my table who does that? Tomorrow is day two I’m going to do more hands on sample boards now this is how to run a three day school not only that they give you a way to market your business. Concrete Protector cares about me personally and wants me to succeed and give me the tools to succeed. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️Pete Hernandez101Flooring ConnectOwner
Awesome class…..Dustin was great, and very knowledgeable instructor. I’m glad we were able to attend this class. Thanks again for all of your talent.
Made it a great class. Fun and informative
Class was informative on all the topics discussed. With their recent acquisitions they have such a large array of products (that is good thing) multiple classes or additional specialty product instructional days of continuing education would be beneficial. All instructors were very helpful even expanding my decades of knowledge & experience.The equipment offered of of very high build quality and is constructed very well. I have no doubt at least one will be added to our fleet in the immediate and likely several more in the not so distant future. I highly recommend their class and products.
Chrissy & Dustin were Awesome!
Class and instructors were awesome, they made the class interesting and fun. Kathy is such a great rep and I look forward to working with her in the futuy
Absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend attending a training course!!! You get hands on and a lot of useful information!!! By the best instructor… Everybody is very helpful and you learn a lot in a short period of time…
Very knowledgeable instructor. Hands on training is the best. Will definitely return to another class
Great experience!!! Chrissy is great!!!! I love her energy. made me feel very welcomed here .the staff is amazing and you can tell they’re family they do a very great job of making you feel like family as well !!highly recommend!!! I love everything about this class . It’s the energy I love!!!
These guys are the real deal best in ohio,There not some hacks slinging garbage,They care
Both Chrissy and Dustin were very helpful, patient and informational. The course was very easy to follow and I didn’t feel dumb for being inexperienced. Dustin took his time explaining each of the machines and explained each process very well. I would take this course again.
Great class very informativeThe instructor is great and always open for questionsThe hands on projects are the best way to learn 👍👍
I am really glad that I’ve joined the “coding system” class, it was a great course. They are very professional and educated. All the employees were very nice, helpful, and professional. They know exactly what they are doing! Attending their “coding system” class was a great choice (even I had to drive for hours). I’ve learned a lot, and it was a pleasure to get them know. One important factor is whenever I have questions or need help I can contact them.I definitely recommend to attend the course, you won’t regret it.God bless this company.
Very nice and welcoming group of people loved there 3 day class Very helpful information
Thank you Dustin and Chrissy , the both of you make a great team.and many thanks to Ray and the rest of the team. I learned a lot and hope to continue building our relationship together ☺️
Wonderful service. Training was awesome!!!!
Great training!! Thank you Chrissy and Dustin!!
Great class. They are very great on info
Well well, what a Rich presentation not just in the products offered but in all aspects from The Vision down to every intention purpose and interaction. I see that this isn’t just about $ but it does matter and it Amazing. Oh yeah! No limits! What impacts me the most is the substance within and behind it all, the intentionality, and the unashamed representation of core values higher than all. Truly not just inspiring but edifying in love and in truth. I know as iron sharpens iron one man sharpens another & I’ve been so sharpened. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ❤️🙂 to God be the Glory! Blessings!
Amazing experience! Recommend this course to everyone, unbelievable value.
Great learning experience
Great Products and Equipment. The class was great.
I’ve been to several trainings. As soon as we walked through the door you could tell it was different. There was a station set up for every person so everyone got a chance to participate. All training and Reps were extremely knowledgeable about the systems that they produce and sell. Every question that our class had they answered it without the famous “ I’ll get back with you on that”. Anyone that is think of getting into Overlays and epoxy flooring and even the ones that are already doing it I recommend coming to this training. You won’t be disappointed.
Great team, lots of information, Dustin and Chrissy are awesome .
Great product. Great training!
The training is top notch. I would highly recommend if you are wanting to get into the coatings business.
This was a life changing course and I will definitely be coming back. The information they provide you with, the guidance, and the mentorship is well worth the investment. Also, they allow you to bring a partner, I brought my girlfriend and she loved it (women don't be discouraged). They allow you to repeat the course as many times needed, free of charge which is great being that its so much information. Whatever you may have missed in a session, you can catch up on, in a later session. I absolutely 💯 % recommend this course.
Awesome! Great technical knowledge on multiple systems!
Awesome classes, they give you the tools to create art on floor. Can’t wait to try this on some house renovations for testing.
The training at Concrete Protector is top notch and packed with so much information I suggest taking the class a second time to fully grasp all of the capabilities the Concrete Protector offers.
I am filled with such excitement how this company is built on solid morals and core values keeping God first and creating endless opportunities for successful businesses
Great class. Instructors make it easy to understand and are more than happy to answer any and all questions. Chrissy and Dustin were great!
Was great and very friendly
They are an awesome team definitely informative, knowledgeable on the products, and fun. Definitely well worth the money. 🔥
Well set up organized classes. Great detail explaining each step, to be successful in each design;. along with hands on training with multiple types of floor designs.
The tricks and the trades of certain methods are made so easy to learn. There are things I would have never thought I could do are made easy to learn
Chryssi and Dustin were really engaging and informative and kept us interested through the entire class. So much material was covered in the 2 days. Thanks very much.
I loved everything about this classIt was worth every penny 👍🏼These skills that will take you and your business a long way!~Knowledge is power~
This is the third time I take this training. The trainers are awesome, knowledgeable about systems, products, tools, marketing, etc. Thanks to all the crew, you guys make the training fun and entertaining. We will be talking soon about buying equipment.
What a awesome product and training. Thank You and Kathy your the best.
Concrete protector has a wide variety of products for multiple applications industrial commercial and residential with UV protections their quick patch is an Superior product as well as permaflex that can have flakes or grits added for traction or contrast and the amazing finishing that the scientific polishing can provide is second to none the amazing staff has a good time while still providing useful information to help you succeed join a class and see for yourself.
If your looking for a loyal company that strives to grow your business and not just there to make a profit, then TCP is perfect for you!! They have the best training, products, and equipment along with an INCREDIBLE marketing team!!! I highly suggest you check them out!
Enjoying everything I'm learning and the people around me
The class is very engaging and I enjoy the fact that both instructors seem very excited and genuinely interested in what they do.
Great class to attend!!Very knowledgeable staff!!Can’t wait to see what they can do for business!!Thanks Dustin & Chrissy and everyone else!!
I decided to bring my guys to CP advanced training and I'm so glad I did. Everyone at CP was amazing. It was like being welcomed into their home and treated like family. I highly recommend attending their training for the advanced insights, not to mention the connections made with other pros. It's refreshing doing business with a company that truly cares about your success and not just how much you can purchase from them.
Everybody with company is amazing, informative and extremely helpful! Super excited about the future and looking forward to partnering with everybody in the business!
Dustin, Chrissy and their staff at The Concrete Protector training class are world class! They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and generous. I learned so much that I can’t wait to continue with their advance education class! Bravo!
Absolutely amazing service and people!! Definitely will stay in contact with them for everything epoxy. The training is very helpful and the trainers help with every question you can have about the products and programs.
The staff here at concrete protector is amazing very knowledgeable and honest. They actually give you all the help you need to be successful in your business. Thank you concrete protect.
This program was very informative, Dustin & Chrissy are very helpful. They made the class fun. Love Chrissy sense of humor. I will definitely come back and bring others.
The training offered by The Concrete Protector was amazing- really gave me the confidence to buy the equipment and get my business started! Thanks!
Great training! Thank you!
Chrissy and Justin were very patient with us and answered all our questions. It is a very hands on training and you will enjoy it.
Great distributor. Great experiences with them so far.
Thank you so much for the informative and practical training! G&P Concrete is excited to share The Concrete Protector with our current and future clients!!
Very educational class! Gained plenty of knowledge and feel much more confident! Can’t wait to do my first floor! The staff was polite and answered all of my questions. Overall a wonderful experience.
The Concrete Protector is the best in decorative Concrete Coatings. Once you attend a 1 time very low cost workshop you are in bedded in the family and always welcome to any training thereafter no cost! Im on my way to the million dollar club now!
Great staff with experienced great products and materials!! Look forward to working with this company!!👍👍👍
A Very friendly environment. I was able to learn a lot from the reps I have done. They showed me the right ways to use equipment and how they put it down. The equipments were very sturdy very good to use. The experience I had here was very great! I enjoyed being around all these wonderful people
I would recommend anyone whose interested in learning these trades and wanting to further your career to come to CP!
We loved everything about the class. All instructors are awesome. My husband and attended but they make so easy to understand everything that I will definitely recommend it for woman to attend. It was an awesome experience very glad we came.
Great opportunity and exceeded expectations. You get knowledge and hand on experience that is excellent for people with any level of hands on experience.
I love the Team! They have been so fun, patience and helpful with everyone the entire time! Alot of hands on applications through out the class! I would definitely recommend attending the course, well worth the time and money! So glad I made the drive to attend. Feeling very confidence to go out and active my business goals because of this course.
As a certified installer in many different systems and products, this company will be one of the top products that will be integrated into our installations. I’m not easily impressed with products but I do enjoy the versatility, disability and quality of these products.
Super easy class and lots of knowledge of class instructor Dusting as well of Chrissy they are a super team
Class was awesome! Learned a lot. Lots of hands on and lots of info. Destin was very knowledgeable and Chrissy was there for everybody’s needs. Thanks
Great experience. They took their time to answer all questions . And had a lot of input on different ways to get the job done.
Training class has been absolutely a great experience, very informative, a lot of products to offer. Dustin and Chrissy are great trainees, very helpful, very knowledgeable, I totally recommend this company for training and they help you to start your business with the right equipment and support small business owners need to succeed.
The experience was wonderful very hands on training the trainers was very informative. I’m very greatly to be apart of this experience
What an incredible company! Every team member I encounter is nothing but excellent to work with! Not only is their team great, but so is their products and equipment. If your looking for the best of the best in decorative concrete, I highly suggest TCP. They are there for you every step of the way. Answering any and all your question and creating a relationship greater then just a company and client doing business! 10/10 would recommend!!
These guys provide the best hands on training!
Excellent training fantastic products I well come back again and learn moreExcelente entrenamiento unos productos fantásticos definitivamente voy a regresar a aprender mas
Entrenamiento muy bueno explicación de los productos paso a paso muy bueno quede satisfecho thanks CP ...GBY.
Dustin had first hand experience with working with all the different floor coating systems that they offer. And Christina was energetic helping with the training
Whether you're new to the industry or a long time veteran, you'll learn a ton at their training classes. Light hearted and packed with information, we got hands on training for the right solutions for each unique job. We'll be back for more!
Good people good training
Amazing class
Great informative well run and presented
I recommend this course.Second time taking the course and its always great to learn something new the course never gets dull.The concrete protector team and Trainers always fun and always attentive to help you on any doubt .Definitely attending next course .Thanks .
Great Training
Time well spent, learned so much in a short time.Dustin and Chrissie were fantastic at teaching and explaining all the steps for the products they carry.
This class is great , everyone here is extremely nice and helpful, the teacher is incredible and takes his time with everyone, I appreciated all the staff they come to help u with anything u may have a problem with their great here... I’ll definitely be back and refer others.... Concrete Protector , Warrior Equipment, and their products are amazing.... This is Eric Johnson from Customized Realities & Mr.Bret was my assigned agent and he’s great.... Thanx for everything
This class was very informational just in the day and a half of class. Excited to start something new and broaden our business. Would love to come back and keep learning.
Both made me feel very comfortable.I cannot wait to take what I learned to share with my employee.Again thank you so much!
Great information enjoyed experienceCrew makes info very interestingBest training experience I’ve hadThank you
Thank you Ruben and the staff of CP training facility in Las Vegas.Excellent training classes with tons of knowledge and the best costumer service experience. 👍
Great training opportunity
I called in for a rush order to get some Concrete Protector sealer and spoke to Kathy. She had my order shipped and I got it the next day (3 states away). Kathy has been a great help getting our business off the ground! Thank you..
I enjoyed spending the last two days with Dustin and Crissy. Crissy is very animated and makes the class fun. I look forward for the third day to learn about polishing concrete.
Greatest material options... super nice training with very nice people...
I was going to go to another training. After being here and I encountering Chrissy’s energy this has been so fun and knowledgeable. I’m so happy I chose to come here. The knowledge seems endless so I will be coming back….
Amazing training- so knowledgeable and they really care about their customers and offer great ongoing product and application support
I have been to other trainings for different lines of work. The Concrete Protector training had great hands on and the people putting everything together did a great job at teaching.
Great training class by Chrissy and Dustin!!! We learned a ton. Thank you.
Great staff! instructors there of the chains there great and have excellent communication with the student.. they explain every thing u need know about expoy flooring there also fun and have great personality they make u laugh and they teach very well.. for a person like me that don’t have no experience at all believe me they teach so well that am leaving this class with some good knowledge and now I feel more confident to a do good job on any floor I will do in the future thanks to ur staff.. thanku for teaching me and give me the knowledge I need to know about flooring.. I can’t wait to do business with them too.. trust me best class ever. And best instructors I ever had.. thanku
The Concrete Protector training class was so informative. I am so happy to have been able to take the class.. it IWill help me tremendously in my job.
What an excellent training! All staff member are very nice and knowledgeable. Chrissy is very helpful as well as friendly and problem solver. Dustin is extremely knowledgeable. He’s able to transfer self confidence to any that might be afraid or hesitant of making mistakes. Also, the products reflect quality and easy step-by-step use.If you’re a hands on person this training is for YOU! Thank you Chrissy, Dustin and all the Concrete Protector team for an amazing two day training.
When I signed up for training I was excited, but after being here and meeting everyone, I feel like I’m ready to conquer the world one concrete block at time. 💪🏿 Thank you help and hospitality I’ll be in touch
Been to a few trainings for epoxy and this was by far the best. My journey started with arriving to their training facility where they had individual training tables for us to make samples at. We learned from their instructors who had a lot of knowledge and advice for us. We reviewed the entire process of many different coatings and I feel comfortable leaving with my new skills. Thanks to the entire team at CP!
Dustin and Chrissy were amazing!Great presentation with alot of useful information to become successful with floor coatings. I highly recommend the traing to anyone in the business or wanting to learn about the coatings world.
The most amazing experience of my entire life.
Una de las mejores experiencias que e tenido ., entrenadores divertidos y muy cinseros , la primera ves que tomo las clases y creo que no sera la ultima ., nesecito regresar y aprender mas de lo que estas maravillosas personas pueden enseñar ., tremenda ayuda para grandes y pequeños negocios .... sigan con el buen trabajo que hacen ...espero poner en practica todas las tecnicas y comentarles a las personas quienes me enseñaron hacer todo .... suerte chicos ....
Great training and acceptional service to us visitors will be back to experience more !
Dustin has done great job of teaching the class. & Chrissy has done a very good job of adding helpful things, and being an example of a good clean up person .
Dustin and Chrissy you're the best I hope to see you come back to Dallas. The information and technics that you shared were very helpful. I really appreciate all the knowledge and opportunities you are sharing with me to help my company
Dustin knows what he is doing, I particularly enjoyed his examples of how to best interact with and guide customers to make informed decisions.
The class was amazing, the instructor's were great and full of knowledge, wish we had more time to do more training!
Even though there is so much info to learn and soak up, Dustin and Chrissy make it super fun and understandable. They make the class very inclusive, even though I didn’t have my own pieces to work on bc of lack of materials, I was still able to get my hands on experience up front working with Dustin while he was teaching the classes.
I came to TCP’s class expecting to learn more about the texture side of the industry . I loved day one which was the flake, quartz, and metallic side. Day 2 was texturing and I love the options available! I feel confident going away from the class that not only will I be back and buying their products, but also feel more confident going forward in my business! The instructors were awesome and very informative!! Thank you Concrete Protector!
I loved the training that Chrissy and Dustin had projected for us at the training. They were very professional and helpful in teaching me and the company how to perform different techniques and follow the different concrete systems. The information I retained from Chrissy and Dustin will be helpful to me in the future for the company.
I recently attended the Concrete Protector training class in Texas. Dustin and Chrissy were very professional, and informative. If you have any interest in getting into the coatings business I would highly recommend attending one of their classes.
I love it and I will be back and buy material from these great pple!
These guys are amazing! The hospitality and knowledge gained in this training has been Top Notch! I flew in from Atlanta Georgia and was three hours late and my Representative Rueben and Instructor Dustin gave me the opportunity to stay over when classes ended and they filled me in on everything I missed out on and willingly answered every question I had and explained in full detail. They actually feel if you succeed, they’ve succeeded! I strongly suggest anyone looking to get into the Decorative concrete business to Attend This Training!!! With that being said be on the lookout for “Henderson Custom Floor and Design” Thanks Concrete Protector!!!!!!
Great company that will do almost anything to make sure your company succeeds! If you are looking for a new career opportunity this is the company to check out! Best customer service and hands on training available!
We have attended a couple of trainings. We learn something new every time we attend the training. This is a hands on training, be prepared to participate in the class! Thank you guys for another great training class.
Even if you’ve been doing this for years, this is a great refresher course as well as a place to gain some technical tips and tricks!
The training was good. Trainers were good. I learn eveytime.
Great training. Dustin & Chrissy did a fabulous job in demonstrating there products. Loved the hands on experience and how they explained everything in detail and how to avoid a bad install. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to grow there Bussiness. I’ve been in the Bussiness over 17yrs and I still learned a lot in this training. 🙏
Chrissy and Dustin were able to answer my questions , I know some of the questions I asked were repetitive but they broke down all questions I asked which was very helpful , thank you guys for this great knowledge and tools you guys made it possible . 🤙
Christy and Dustin work great together. Love Dustin's new paint brushes that Chrissy made perrttyful... Also all the reps. pitched in as needed. Wonderful experience and hands on projects.
The best training sessions I have been to. Dustin and Chrissy are extremely knowledgeable and ensure questions are answer properly. I am looking forward to a long partnership with The Concrete Protectors
One of the best experiences everyone is here for your success
This course was by far the best learning experience for me! It is so exciting that I don't even care about missing work
Update: this is my third time attending with fresh faces with me that have never experienced concrete coatings. The installation experience was even more detailed with updated tricks and little dos' and don'ts' thank they did not speak of before. Reason being is the constant feedback and communication between c.p. and the installers. And they implement these lessons in the teachings. Priceless information added on to the knowledge that I have obtained through previous classes and hand on jobs. I truly thank you for this.The concrete polishing course is very detailed on explanation and understanding of what details and what to pay attention to.Thank You
I’m so impressed with this product, they have thought of everything. It is so professionally engineered. The instructors have accommodated our every need with the utmost kindness. I am so happy I was able to take this class. Thank you for everything CONCRETE PROTECTOR....
i love the product
Very good training and good atmosphere
I attended the corporate training class in Ohio in October 2021. Dustin and Chrissy were excellent trainers and I was very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm! I am excited and looking forward to working directly with the Concrete Protector for all my business needs.
I took the Concrete Protector training class and what I have to say is, what a fantastic class! Chrissy and Dustin are amazing instructors! Also all of the products I got to demo were of top quality. I would recommend these systems every time.
I have attended training at a competitor, this training has been better structured and far more informative. Dustin keeps class interesting, answers questions and is extremely knowledgeable. His assistant Chrissy is very helpful as well. I plan on coming back again.
DUSTIN AND CHRISSY ARE AMAZING! The whole class experience was top tier from beginning to end.
Great class! Would highly recommend !! The. instructor Dustin was very informative. Thanks
Lots of information, very friendly, very good teachers
I attended the three day day training with Dustin and Chrissy. The instructors and staff were helpful and very knowledgeable. The training exceeded my expectations and the products used are top notch. This is a great company with a set of values that will help you and your business grow!
Superior hands-on training. Chrissy, your the best. You and Dustin make a great team. Thank you for your hospitality. Looking forward to another training session and working with CP and Warrior Equipment.
Staff was excellent Dustin Brett Chrisy and Steve they were very helpful and very knowledgeable to products plus Chrisy feed is great
Great class, great program. Knowledgeable people that really help set you up for success! Very hands on which we were looking for!
The instructors were very knowledgeable and there were no delays throughout the course
I’ve been to several product trading sessions for different companies. Concrete protector is by far the most insightful and product knowledge training sessions I have attended.
Very informative 👏
Wish it was longer and had more time to learn in detail certain things. The team is unreal super nice and amazing. Truly try to make you feel like family. It's not all about selling their product but yes they do show you way you should buy their products. All in all great experience. Just want more!!!!
First day of the class very helpful very knowledgeable people answered all the questions that I had from previous suppliers that they cannot answer look forward to the next two days of the seminar and then getting back to Milwaukee and applying the knowledge
They are absolutely the best I love Chrissy very funny keep the class on point. Omg what can I say about the facility he is the bomb and I can’t say enough about him just GREAT!!!
Chrissy and Dustin were great instructors! Loads of info! Highly recommend! We flew from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Totally worth it!
Very good class alot of information instructors very knowledgeable and nice I would recommend this class to someone else
Dustin has a huge knowledge about the product as well as techniques used to accomplish the best end result. He is very helpful with our questions and has a great sense of humor.Chrissy is wonderful, she is funny, sweet and knowledgeable. She’s very comfortable sharing her experiences as is a joy to watchThey both work well together and have interaction that makes class fun to attend
The CP training was second to none! I’ve been installing concrete coatings for years and this was refreshing and reinvigorating. I can’t to get back and put what I’ve learned to good use!
Great company
Great few days of training, thanks to the whole CP team.
Top Notch Best of the Best very honest & open Company and personnel
We attended training this week and it was incredible. We were a bit skeptical on our way down to Vegas. We started to wonder if it was too good to be true with all of the 5 star reviews. Turns out it wasn't too good to be true. Dustin and Chrissy are phenomenal trainers and so fun to be around. 10/10 in my opinion. The support and products are amazing. We appreciate the knowledge we left with and will be back in the near future. Thanks so much.
I have learned a lot in the past two days! Everyone here is so welcoming and eager to help people grow their businesses.
Loved every bit of the class. All different types of characters from all over the United States. My wife and I had a blast we will definitely recommend and definitely be back!
First time in this class the staff is great they answer every question and explain everything with a lot of detail thank you Chrissy and Dustin you guys are AWSOME!
Overall great class and products! Instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get into concrete coatings.
Chrissy and the entire staff at Concrete Protector were amazing! The staff were very knowledgeable, and very helpful.Chris RayConcrete GenieColumbus, Ohio
First class
The team at Concrete Protector put on a great training class. I arrived with no experience or skills and left with the confidence to install a wide range of products.
This class was fantastic! Very informative very helpful took the time to answer the questions and show all the products! Products are very good which we have used for 3 years Was very informative about new products and extremely helpful.
Great training overall! Very informative. Engaging personalities. Would like to have training include stamping and spraying and cover those products more in depth.
Very good training and awesome staff!!!!
This week I attended one of the classes in Las Vegas instructed by Justin and Chrissy. I was introduced to many different materials that can be applied to concrete and I was able to experiment with most of them hands on. Their concrete coating and decorating products are the best I have seen throughout my career as a contractor. I highly recommend Concrete Protector products for any size job.
Excellent experience and very professional instructors.
Christy and Dustin are incredible! Professional informative and pleasant. You can really tell they love their profession. We look forward to coming back. Thanks team
If you are thinking about joining this company, stop thinking! Do you want the best prep machines?Best products to put down? A team strategically put together to ensure the success you've been expecting for your business? Here it is! The class is an amazing start point if you have zero experience in this industry, or it is a launch pad for existing business owners to strengthen your company for continued success. This is truly, the most well assembled company I have had the privilege to work with. You will learn something new at this class. It doesn't matter if you have 20 years experience in the industry, you will learn something new. Everyone I've encountered in the company is mission/goal oriented at all times. I am confident after this class, to offer new techniques and various coating options to my customers I didn't have before. Seriously, stop thinking about. Just sign up and join! You will leave with knowledge you didn't possess before, and you will meet some of the greatest people in the industry.
Very professional. I had a great time, learned some much information. I am looking forward to the future with the Concrete Protector. The two instructors were incredibly knowledgeable. They were very patient and informative. Extremely Grateful 🙏
Great presentation. Lots of product and technique variety. Chrissy and Dustin did a great job for both beginners and some experienced DIYers.
Dustin and Chrissy explain and show you how to use their products. No question went unanswered. The energy was up beat and you laugh and learn about expanding your craft. Family oriented and very friendly! I will always steer people their way!
Chrissy and Dustin are awesome it’s a class I wouldn’t miss definitely coming back to learn more. Great place to buy products and equipment. Another great class enjoyed every bit of it.
Enjoyed the class and love the work they do! Can't wait to use what I learned in my business! Amazing employees, all very kind and helpful.
Absolutely amazing, all the stuff is very helpful and nice, very happy with the training
It’s going to be hard to top this combination of qualityTraining and kindness.Top notch.
My first time and its a great experience
Excellent program! Awesome experience getting to use the materials. Very intuitive and helpful training!
My friend and I throughly enjoyed working with the team to get trained on the Concrete Protecter products. Everyone was very knowledgeable about the product lines and their applications. We feel very equipped to start using the products in the Kansas City area. I would recommend this training to anyone who is getting into doing decorative concrete!
Very informative, the team is energetic and keen to respond to any questions.
I have been to quite a few CP trainings. This was my first with Chrissy and Dustin. They did an excellent job of relaying information. As always it was fun and educational.
I had an absolute blast all 3 days of training. The way Dustin and Chrissy presented all of the products and procedures to apply them, was very detailed and easy to understand. The hands-on training With the products and equipment gave me the Knowledge that I needed to know, so I would have the ability to go out and apply what I learned and be able to build myself a business with confidence. My sales rep. Kathy Fowler is the best in the business. She is well educated on all products that CP provides and takes great care of her customers. I'm excited for the opportunity to work with everyone at CP and can't wait for the next training class.
Dustin and Chrissy were phenomenal. Training was welcoming and informative with great hands on training.
Day two was even better than day one. Lots of hands on training.
Hello my name is Miguel and lm happy
Dustin was amazing on sharing all the products as well as demonstrated each product. His assistant Christy is very upbeat and helpful. We had the pleasure of even having a special guest appearance from Joe aka the owner who was friendly and upbeat with great ideas on how to get started as well as stay focused to succeed. Our rep. Kathy is the most amazing. Due to her persistent calls she entered into a whole new fun adventure not to mention the opportunities while doing what we all love making money. Thank you to all who worked so hard to help us all enjoy this experience.
Very impressed with the staff very knowledgeable, 100% training no high pressure sales. Everyone was very helpful would recommend this class to anyone that wants to learn from the best in this field. Hands on training and true technical support access. Will be back for future classes
What a fun and entertaining experience! I've wanted to learn how to do these floor coverings for years but never thought I'd have the opportunity. A Genuinely high customer service experience, my wife felt as though they cared very much about our success, so much so that I was actually trying to schedule sales meetings with potential leads as we were in class. We are great full for the experience!
Great experience, learned a lot of great information. Staff friendly and very helpful.
Great hands on experience with a friendly crew, learned a lot.
Thx dustin and chrissy and the cp team it was a great experience!
What a great experience.
I have started working with Dustin, LJ and Chrissy with Warrior Equipment and The Concrete Protector last year. They have a ton of experience and knowledge to share and are willing to do so. It took me months to finally finalize a purchase for a Warrior generator. I canvased the industry and to my surprise there is literally not another generator on the market that is portable 3phase with the output this one has. Great machine and i challenge anyone reading this to find one that matches this performance that your not towing behind your vehicle.I had the pleasure or attending a training class with Christy and Dustin. Great facility and they do a great job creating a family vibe and put an emphasis on relationships!My hope is they continue to develop the training to enable contractors to develop their skills so they have better capabilities laying down the CP systems.The team has ensured me they will do so and build what my contractors need!Thank you CP Team!John StechyshynOwnerBeehiveepoxy.comSt George UT
I loved the class so much it’s very informative and I’m ready to get started. Thank you so much Chrissy and Dustin
This class was amazing !!! the amount of help and support is beyond belief your success is really apart of CP success... Chrissy was such a sweetheart ❤️ Dustin your the man 💯
Great class and amazing staff Love your products . I’ve never been around such professional amazing energetic kind and caring staff. What an amazing company and I’m sure I’ll be doing business with the company.
A great training session. Excited to take what I have learned and apply it to our business! Lots of hands on experience that created an excellent learning environment.
Dustin and Kristy make a good team together. Very informative, fun and engaging during training.
Outstanding class provided by the staff. They were very knowledgeable and professional. They truly care about what they are doing and who they are supporting. I recommend these classes for everyone that wants to get into this industry.
This training has been absolutely awesome!! The details and specifics have given me so many ideas even beyond floors!!
The class was very informative and i feel like chrissy and dustin covered as much as they could with the time we had. Well worth it and would recommend to anyone who hasn't taken the class yet.
Exceptional training. Ready to make some money. I will say it again, Dustin was an exceptional trainer, Chrissy was awesome entertainment, and Kathy was responsible for getting me down here. Can't wait for the next training.Thank you guys.
Concrete Protector is the best can't wait to order your products.... Again Chrissy & Dustin you guys are Awesome...Keep on educating....
Great experience in the seminar. I learned a lot.Good platform to start up a business or expand an existing one.
Training was very informative and exciting. I can't wait to incorporate flooring techniques into my business.
Loved the 3-day training class. Very hands on and explained everything thoroughly. Answered all questions, had no problem understanding what they were teaching and kept me interested the whole class.
Great class, great people, great company. Highly recommend The Concrete Protector training program to anyone in the decorative concrete business or anyone looking to get started. I'll be coming back to brush up on the techniques I learned.
Good ppl, good energy, great instructors
Great class. Learned a lot! Great instructors!
I totally enjoyed this training! Dustin and Chrissy were the best! I’m looking forward to partnering with this company.
I was in class with The Concrete Protector in Ohio and it has been great every one working there are super nice and vary eager to help you with no hesitation and my rep Kathy is as well supper I can call her up and she is willing to help me as mush as she can over the phone I would highly recommend The Concrete Protector to people to check out thank you The Concrete Protector for thins experience I have walked away with alot of information that I will be using In the future
Wonderful experience. Fantastic sharing of knowledge.
Super helpful and great people. Learned alot at the class and know they will be there when i have questions and need help. Look forward to growing my business with their help.
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Warrior Equipment

Warrior Equipment

Warrior Equipment produces efficient and reliable concrete grinders, built from the ground up, for contractors that want to save time and money. Each of our machines were engineered with years of extensive input and from our customers in the trenches. We have used the world’s first truly all gear-driven design, combined with the finest parts sourced from around the world to maximize productivity so you can focus on producing amazing results!

Great equipment and training on how to use the equipment listed
My mom randomly came to me about this work shop. I wasn’t as excited as she was but once we got here, on the first day all that excitement hit me. Everyone is so genuine and kind, it blows my mind. I wasn’t expecting it to be so information and very hands on. They like to make sure everyone understand everything and not just continue on while everyone is sitting there a little lost. I truly enjoyed this experience and I will be back for sure. Imma make sure to spread the word in my home town about this because it was that fantastic.
Great training, great people, hands on experience. They explained everything in detail. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn about concrete floor care.
Learning something that I can take and and to my business!!!!!
Top of the line equipment
Great quality products! They make something for every job!
We have looked at several makes of equipment and have found the Warrior brand is the one to have. Time and research has lead Warrior to make equipment that is durable, handy and tougher than compition. Always nice to have the best tools of the trade!
For the little bit I ran the warrior grinders they looked to be built strong and easy to use now when I did use it it was vary easy to use and they did a great job on the work as of right now i would recommend to buy them and us them 👍 I thank you the concrete protector for the experience 😀
Very easy to use
Awesome equipment, had fun too!
Excellent training, very easy,Everyone terrific jobs. They know theirs products.
I loved the experience and I want to come back to the refresher course! It was very informative and fun!!!
The equipment was simple to use even if you haven’t tried this kind of equipment before. Very efficient too.
The training class was great it’s definitely a lot to learn but I felt comfortable because the trainers are so knowledgeable. I can’t wait to get started I’m super excited. Thanks Dustin, Chrissy and of course Ruben for checking in my progress while in class
This is our second time taking the class and always surpass expectations.Equipment is very easy to handle and very well design.Definitely, must have equipment, hands down.
Machinery seemed right sized for the job. Good demo team. Probably bigger than necessary for the DIYer. Great for the contractor.
Class was very good. They allow you to control all the tools and lots of hands on training. Lots of good info so get ready to take notes. Will recommend highly!
Great information about the different Warrior machines and how to use them properly.
Great equipment that’s easy to operate.
The Warrior equipment line is well designed and built, and is designed to meet many different uses. Lots of thought and engineering went into these machines.
Equipment is strong, durable and easy to handle/ operate.
It was great to see the tools and how they work. I feel like it was worth my time coming and seeing everything.
The Concrete Protectors are by far the best in the business. They aren’t just here to educate you- they are mentors, support for your business and they add structure to your business. I recommend them to anyone looking to gain experience and ONGOING KNOWLEDGE throughout your path in decorative concrete solutions! Also big thanks to Ray (Rep) for never giving up on getting me and making sure I became part of the Warrior family
I'm leaning new things. The representatives are very friendly and able to answer any questions with honest answers.
Great info
Fantastic machines, easy to operate. Highly recommend. Definitely makes the job a smooth sailing process 🤘
Was very informative, staff was friendly, courteous and helpful. Answers all questions. Learned a lot with hands on.
Very informative class. Dustin is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about helping people become successful.
Great equipment. Very well designed and grinds smooth without fighting the machine
Great training session- really gave me the confidence to really help.
We had an amazing time at warrior equipment a lot learning the instructors are amazing with usBrett since day one it’s being so kind and helpful
The training is amazing
Very friendly people, I'm happy to have been able to take the class , professionally informative and practical training. 🙏
Wonderful experience the epuiments are easy to learn and great to use makes doing the job a lot easier thanks
It’s a very detailed no nonsense rip the bandaid straight forward kind of class which can be appreciated by me. I don’t want to be told the great parts and not be told some of the obstacles that can be faced along the way and they put everything on the table and that’s a sign of great teachers and I am very happy I chose concrete protectors over the many other options I had to choose from. Concrete protectors is the company for me and I plan to have a very long relationship with them
Great product line to tackle any floor!
I recently had the opportunity to demo some of the Warrior equipment. I am new to this industry. However everything I have seen about this equipment is above par, and for a large heavy piece of equipment very simple and easy to use.
I am filled with such excitement how this company is built on solid morals and core values keeping God first and creating endless opportunities for successful businesses
Equipment is easy to use
This three day inexpensive training was awesome! Me and my boyfriend traveled from California to be there. The professionalism, information and positive atmosphere is unmatched. I appreciate what this company stands for and How willing they are to help. There model is “call before you install”. Which means they are willing to help you even after training. You can always attend additional training classes if you didn’t get it the first time for FREE!!! We are more than satisfied with all the information we received. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn how to customize floors. Take this training You will not be disappointed.😊
Very balanced machines. One of the best I've gotten to use at this point.
Great equipment!! Thanks guys
Very impressive equipment! Glad we had the opportunity to gets hands on experience!
Training with The Concrete Protector was outstanding. A lot of good information and techniques were given. Along with hands on practice. The different types Warrior machines along with other equipment they provide can take care of any size job, big or small.
Was impressed with how easy it was to operate. Very high end equipment
The hands on option for using the tools and ability to see them in action is huge for me. This class has exceeded my every expectation.
Excellent class, with a very knowledgeable staff. Thanks
the best equipment ever!!!!
The machines that this company has are amazing and the rep that is assigned to you will help you every step of the way
Warrior equipment is built to last with no maintenance. The sales team become a family that cares about your success.
The class is excellent! It gave me all the information needed to feel confident enough to start a garage floor or outside patio. I plan to start out small and feel confident in the concrete proctor to help me along providing all the tools and materials needed.
Great company. Good people always there for you and will help you out if you have any problems on a job site. 👍
Machines are a Beast !!!!!! Great
Dustin and Chrissy were incredibly knowledgeable about all of the warrior products. they addressed any and all questions and concerns that were asked during their presentation and demonstrations. And extremely Informative class on all fronts. It’s easy to trust someone who has first-hand knowledge of all products in a working environment and not just for doing demonstrations.
My husband invited me to take this class with him and it did not disappoint. I think more women should take this class whether it’s to start a business or if you want to learn how to DIY.Demi G
Great great people, passing along a lot of knowledge to us that want to learn .thank you CP Crew.
I have attended other classes on concrete coatings recently, this class is by far my favorite. Very informative and easy to understand. Great products and teachers.
Concrete protectors…I can’t say enough! They are awesome! Dustin, Krissy and Brett, thank you for all your help, you guys go over and beyond and are so knowledgeable! I will recommend you to anyone thats thinking about working in the Decorative concrete field, Thank you all for giving me the knowledge and tools to be successful…
Great place to learn graniflex, metallic marble, and rustic concrete wood “hands-on”. Protecting and repairing concrete is also a pivotal step I learned with CP. Amazing and helpful experience all around.Thank you guys!
Very nice and easy to use equipment
Very informative and helpful. Easy to rent equipment and affordable
Awesome class. I enjoyed every aspect of the class the instructors are great.. they teach everything u need to know from scratch to finish in Venetian texture, polish concerte, graniflex,Meatallic marble stain to expoy flooring They explain everything in details and u also get some hands on training.. the class is excellent I recommend it to anyone out try to learn about epoxy flooring trust me u will enjoy the class thanks guys for sharing ur knowledge with me.. and also great business opportunities too..
Impressed with the machines they introduced us to. We will be purchasing from them.
Exceptional training and amazing equipment. Looking forward to years and years of partnership
We were just introduced to this line of equipment, and G&P Concrete is already super impressed! We have used alot of similar machines in our work, and not one brand even comes close to the quality and ease of use this equipment has.
Great class to attend. Lots of valuable information. Also lots of information at one time. Don't get overwhelmed.
Very professional presentation. The hands training with the equipment and the fun atmosphere makes for a great experience.
The Warrior product line is excellent and easy to use.
Top quality equipment and very easy to operate.
Leo sells jobs for us. He's a good looking beast of a machine. People are always impressed when they see him coming off the trailer and when they see what he does to their concrete.We have 3 different machines and this is our go to grinder. So versatile, fast work of the concrete, easy to maneuver, as a matter of fact my wife loves running Leo wand does a fantastic job. The traction drive and USB ports are wonderful additions whether your grinding, removing coatings, polishing or whatever. Leo is the best of the best and so is the Warrior brand of equipment. Thank you CP for making the preparation battle easy and more enjoyable. Y’all rock!
I dont have any previous experience with concrete but this equipment made it easy. Everything was easy to use and worked great.
Absolutely love, love, love the information presented by Dustin & Chrissy....Now I have a better understanding on how to polish & finish granitflex,epoxy etc.... Go team Chrissy & Dustin!!
The highlight of the day is taken the time out to give us the answers about the equipment.Thank you
Their warrior machines are a Great Quality and very easy to handle, very light and most importantly make your job a whole lot easier and faster . Taking this class it’s being a great experience.Their instructors are very well informed and helpful.
They have the best tools for the job 👍👍👍
The Equipment that Warrior provides is very easy to use and is of the highest quality. I totally recommend to try it out
The warrior equipment is quality.i tested some of their products and I like it I’m sure this equipment will cut job times down a lot.
Machines easy to handle and easy to operate good.
Excellent. Awesome, friendly people... great professionals
Very easy to use . Super convenient , cutting labor time half of time
I have never been so excited to learn about epoxy floors. The Concrete Protector has been an awesome training experience. Dustin was awesome, very informative. Chrissy and Kathy were so nice. This company really cares about their employees and customers. 5 Stars.
Excelente machines best ones I ever triedLas mejores máquinas qué e utilizado
Very easy to use.
We had the best experience! The team makes it very easy to understand everything.Any questions we had they made sure to answer.Would definitely recommend it to everyone.
The equipment works great,I really like the grinders very little dust and very efficient!!!!
Very easy to handle. Counterbalanced very well
Kathy is excellent, she walked me through the products I needed, made sure the products were ready to leave with before the class ended. Thank you for all the help.
Learning about the Warrior Equipment will help me tremendously in my Job.
The AMAZING quality of service, information, instructors and staff provide, is again AMAZING. The Concrete Protector is a must Attend Training. Instructors Dustin n Chrissy are Bomb. Isaac and his team are beyond efficient.
Love everything about the equipment can't wait to use it and everyone is amazing.
The equipment seems to be over engineered and top quality the current equipment seems adequate and they are in the process of re-engineering for lighter weight and more versatility with power options so no need for alternate power sources my only concern is price points
Very well built equipment! Excellent and easy to use and handle. Makes the job so much easier.
I found TCP through Google search when shopping for a grinder. I spoke with Rick and had a demo done and was immediately sold! bought the Samson 2618 and a Pulse-bac 311 before I came to class. I’m leaving class with an even better understanding of everything and can’t wait to get busy! I love the relationships and ease of discussions. I look forward to the future growth of our relationship and building a successful business! Thank you TCP!
The equipment was very workable and transporting made easy excellent results
Very great environment. Everyone was helpful and the hands on experience was amazing. I learned a lot from this experience and was very glad to be there.
Excellent at training!! 💯
What a great group with great customer service. These guys are incredible at helping you succeed and they have the best equipment to set you up to do just that.
Warrior hooked me with a Tomahawk that I can't wait to use in basements due to its breakdown ability and planetary system! Thanks Team Warrior!
A company you’ll never forget. Got to meet new people and learning how to use the equipment. Really good hands on experience to bring back from your business.
My wife and I had an amazing time learning about machines I didn't even know existed. It is incredible what can be accomplished with these machines and systems. We had a fantastic time!
Equipment is easy to use even for a short person. Chrissy was helpful and answered any questions I had.
Just the names of the machines make them 4 stars, the performace makes it 5 stars.
Great equipment, smooth and practical to use
I attended one of the classes in Las Vegas this week and I tried many amazing machines and one of the best machines i have tried is Samson 2618, so powerful and it is really easy to set up and run, thank you Justin and Chrissy for giving us the opportunity to try the machines and give us the advices and all the information.
Very good class and well worth the time
The equipment is well made and very easy to use.
Great company !
Great demo with the grinders. Easy to use and fast for prep.
Thank you Chrissy! Great product!!
Chrissy and Dustin were Awesome!
The most reliable and easy to use equipment in the industry. I was really impressed by how quiet the machines were. I'm looking forward to purchasing mine ASAP.
I really enjoyed the testing experience for the Warrior Machines that Chrissy and Dustin provided for me and the company I work for. I really thought the experience was well worth my time, not to mention that Chrissy and Dustin were very professional and nice to be around and gain knowledge from.
I personally tried the warrior equipment in a training class , it was very reliable equipment, and Chrissy and Dustin were very helpful to show us how they work .
Units are excellent handling, very efficient and great products
Equipment works extremely good! Will get the job done in no time. Definitely recommend warrior equipments.
All the training was good. The equipment is great. Very nice machines. I actually bought the tomahawk and the vacuum.
Ran the warrior Grinders and loved the machines.
Easy to use and saves time
The training was very well organized! I enjoyed getting to know the company a little better.
Great equipment. Looking forward to working with you.
Thank you warrior team. The equipment from warrior pass my expectations.Thank you Crissi and Dustin
This experience of hands on was awesome! To be able to see the grit of the equipment and doing samples models is the best part. All the instructors are tailored for helping you achieve the knowledge that you want and need! The appreciation is definitely giving to the team!!! I’m
Very knowledgeable, kind, respectful, and wants to see you succeed!!! Would recommend anyone to come if interested in taking your career to the next level!!!
Very impressed with the quality and performance of the Warrior equipment lineup. Their machines are engineered and built very well. Their factory representative Rick is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with.
Warrior equipment is powerful and unique. However I think most of the equipment is more for a large scale job. There are a few machines for residential I would be interested in purchasing
Best equipment in the market
I have purchased a couple Warrior products for my company. I am especially happy with my pulse vacuum. This machine has been a main go to even outside of concrete work. Absolutely love it!
“The most easy handle machines 👍”
Being new to the industry, the equipment choices can be a bit daunting. W.E. designed their equipment to be extremely user friendly and durable. Don't skimp on your equipment, it will cost you more in the long run.
Real professional equipment made for successful professional.These equipment were designed elegantly with real functionality in mind.
this course is very well done! Chrissy is the queen of dad jokes.
You guys were awesome. Super nice group and theTraining was invaluable.
I participated a three day training with Concrete Protector Company. During training I leaned about the importance of having a great and reliable equipments that I can used to my future business in the concrete industry. The Warrior Equipment offers a complete system of equipment whether it is a small or big project. All their equipments are easy to use, handy, and high quality products. One thing that I really like about Warrior Equipment is I have the option to buy or lease their equipments which is very beneficial to my end as I am just starting the business.
Fantastic training with hands on demonstrations. Dustin is awesome and gives a thorough explanation with all questions answered. Thanks again for the great lunches all 3 days 👍👍💪💪
Dustin and Chrissy make an awesome team in training in a fun efficient way. The information you will learn with them is extremely valuable and very intriguing. The day goes fast in this training because of how fun and well put together it is! 🔥👌🏽Thanks for knowledge and good time!
Dustin and Chrissy are very well spoken and coordinated in their presentation which made for a very smooth and informative training. And this made the training moving, informative and I can understand people coming back for additional training from them. I
Chrissy and Dustin killed it as a team. The training was more than what I expected. The information I was able to retain will definitely help my business in multiple ways. I highly recommend taking the time to attend this class. Thank you to Chrissy and Dustin and to the entire Warrior Equipment Team!
Fantastic. Highly energetic. We’ll set for large and small contractors and distributors.You can take what you need.
My brother and I had a great experience. As someone who is starting a new business it’s helpful to gain as much knowledge as possible and Dustin and Chrissy were super friendly, helpful, easy to chat with and ask a lot of questions. I feel like my product and equipment knowledge drastically expanded even on day 1. Would highly recommend!
Chrissy and Dustin were amazing leaders educating us on product, application of the product and state of the art Equipment! It was very hands on! They offer a wealth of information. We are looking forward to the next class as well as starting our relationship into the world of concrete coatings. This will be an amazing way to diversify our Retail Flooring Store in both Vegas and Arizona.
Amazing staff, extremely helpful! Best product I’ve ever seen!
Amazing people, ready to answer all my questions and willing to help.
Great training facility. They really help you
The Team at Warrior Equipment goes above and beyond to earn the respect and reputation. They made sure I was making the right decision. Countless hours of demonstration on the Equipment. Hand on! Like I said they wanted, they cared enough about their Equipment to give me all the information I needed to Make a week informed decision. I would highly recommend anyone considering making a purchase or just looking for information about it , this is the team you are looking for.SINCERELYBobby
Rick is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. And Warrior Equipment is stellar as well.
Well, I haven't actually owned a Warrior Grinder, but I have run several models and this will be our next grinder.
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I purchased the warrior Samson grinder and it's awesome!It is so smooth,well balanced and easy to run. Has cut our prep time by two thirds.
This is one great machine it cuts your prep time in half of what other machines i have used would do it will cut through epoxy coatings faster and leave your substrate ready for product you cant go wrong with these machines
I'm very interested in starting my own business in the service. Getting ready to attend a training seminar.
Great people, Great products, Great service!! Hard to lose when your set up to win!
Great people to work with, and will do anything to keep earning your business!! Would highly recommend!! Plus having the best equipment in the industry makes my job easier as a contractor!!!
Their equipment is top notch. The Warrior grinders are so well balanced that my 5'2" wife can operate it without any problem. Highly recommend the equipment.
I have really enjoyed every experience ive had with this company from the product offering to the online courses everything is top quality.
Good People know their products and do a great job explaining the different processes.Lunch served was very good. Very courteous reception staff.While in Wapo don't forget to visit the Neil Armstrong museum.Thank You.Shahab Taj.
A gem of a company. The whole team literally invests themselves in you, the contractor..... whether you spend $0 or $1million... doesn't matter. These guys are always on their A game to answer questions or build a system to meet your needs or help with marketing strategy. If there were 25 wouldn't be enough. Love my rep!!!
I have worked with Concrete Protector/Warrior Equipment on many levels and they been absolutely excellent in every way. Great products, tremendous customer service, and great people. As a business owner, I strive to do business like they do, where the long term relationship is more important than the short term profitability,They have built a business around putting contractors in the position to be successful. Recently, their Webinars were a god-send. As a small business without a dedicated office staff, I would have never been able to sort out everything that I needed to know to navigate the uncertain times with Corona. They shared the knowledge that they got with me and other contractors freely. That knowledge was absolutely essential to me in getting through everything that was happening.In my mind, Concrete Protector is as much a business advisor and business partner as they are a supplier.
Concrete Protector is a amazing company to work with, not only they have the best customer service. They have the best products, equipment and programs out there in the industry. MUCH LOVE AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!GLENDALE CONTRACTOR
Great company to work with, offer top notch support and high quality equipment, tech support and materials. They have been very helpful during the slow times and the busy times to be there when needed.
Great Support from day one. The Concrete Protector does not treat you like an customer , they take care of you as if they are in business with you not just to sell you products. The training is 2nd to none.
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